UK, Episode 2.04
Production number:
First aired: 20 August 2009
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Written By
Terry Cafolla
Nathan Cockerill

Directed By
Robert Del Maestro


When a man is found lying on the ground with a kidney surgically removed, Brooks and Devlin have a case that they believed fell more into the category of urban myth than real-life crime. They quickly focus on finding the intended recipient of the stolen organ. Transplantation is highly controlled and centralized to prevent queue jumping but they soon find a recent transplantation that was completed from outside the system. They soon uncover a tale of a sick woman, a concerned parent and a greedy, disgruntled surgeon. For James Steel, the question becomes one of which of these to prosecute. When he makes his choice, he finds that his boss, George Castle, will defend the case.


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"Sacrifice (UK)"
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