Safia Hasni
Safia Hasni
Name Safia Hasni
Family Kazi (husband)
Dani (son)
Meena (deceased)
Actor Meera Simhan
First Appearance World's Fair

Safia Hansi was a Pakistani-American who was married to Kazi Hasni. They had two children, Dani and Meena.

Safia lost her entire family, because of their religious believes. Her son killed his own sister, because she disgraced the family by dating the love of her life, Rudy Ventano. Meena was supposed to marry Tariq Amir, but she didn't agree with an arranged marriage. Kazi murdered Rudy in a rage, and was sent to Rikers Island. The same as his son, when the police discovered that he was responsible for Meena's death. (CI:"World's Fair")

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