Sal Munoz
Name Sal Munoz
Pathology Serial rapist
Status Acquitted
Actor Edouard DeSoto
First Appearance "Remand"

Salvatore "Sal" Munoz was a defendant convicted of the rape of Cookie Costello in the mid-1960s. Prior to this, he committed two prior rapes and also repeatedly raped his girlfriend Olivia Valario. In the latter case, he threatened to carve her so she could not have children. Thirty years later, after it was discovered that his attorney did not disclose a prior conflict, Munoz's conviction in the Costello case was overturned, and he was retried.

His new attorney casts reasonable doubt through the fact that Cookie was pregnant with Bobby Farina's child. Farina was married at the time and therefore had motive to attack Cookie. The prosecution argues that Sal's semen was on Cookie's dress and Bobby had an alibi for the time of Cookie's rape (Bobby was in New Jersey beating up a gambler that owed his boss money). Despite this, Sal was acquitted of all charges against him in his retrial. (L&O: "Remand")

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