Samuel Mbazzi was an alias used by Joseph Serumaga (AKA the "Devil of Gulu"), a former captain in the Lord's Resistance Army of Uganda, so that he could hide from war crimes charges in New York City, posing as a simple refugee and janitor. His cover was ruined, however, when his former sex slave, Miriam Burdett, saw him and pointed him out to another former LRA soldier, Elijah Okello, who swore he would kill Serumaga for her. However, while Okello went looking for him, Serumaga tracked down Miriam and slashed her throat to try and silence her. She survived, ironically because he left her to freeze to death, and the cold air slowed down her blood flow enough to stop her from bleeding to death. The Special Victims Unit soon found Mbazzi, and he was handed over to the United Nations' International Criminal Court to be tried for his crimes. (SVU: "Hell")

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