Sarah Hoyt
Name Sarah Hoyt
Affiliation Vivian Arliss (girlfriend)
Occupation Drug addict
Pathology Murderer
Status Deceased
Actor Kat Foster
First Appearance "Trophy"
Last Appearance "Rescue"

Sarah Hoyt was a junkie who met Vivian Arliss in rehab. They formed a close bond and eventually became lovers, which resulted in Vivian leaving her boyfriend and taking their son Calvin Arliss with them.


When it was discovered that Walter Burlock, a serial rapist, was Vivian's "real father" and Vivian's mother was one of his victims, Sarah approached Burlock and killed him to set Vivian free. She later ran into Benson while she was looking for Vivian. She and Vivian went on the run, where Sarah confessed to Vivian that she killed Burlock. (SVU: "Trophy")

After Benson found Vivian and brought her in, Sarah turned herself in and confessed to killing Burlock, being subsequently arrested. She was arraigned for murder and later killed by Calvin's father, David Drucker, because he felt Sarah was the reason Vivian could never get clean. (SVU: "Rescue")

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