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SVU, Episode 6.04
Production number: E5207
First aired: 19 October 2004
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Benson Scavenger
Written By
Dawn DeNoon & Lisa Marie Petersen

Directed By
Daniel Sackheim

Plot Edit

The detectives are in a time crunch when they try to solve clues left by a serial killer who is basically taunting them to find him before he gets another victim.

Summary Edit

Episode summary

Cast Edit

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References Edit

RDK, Policeman's Helmet, Manhattan Sun, Lincoln Center; Julia Liebert; Gloria Dunham

Quotes Edit

"Why, Detective, is that your phone vibrating in your pocket, or do you just find me terribly exciting?"

Humphrey Becker, after Stabler's cellphone goes off during the interrogation.

(Huang has told Becker that the FBI have gotten involved in the case)

Humphrey Becker: And what are they saying about me?

Dr. George Huang: That you're impotent. (pause)

Humphrey Becker: Now why would they say that?

Dr. George Huang: All of RDK's victims were raped. None of your victims were.

Humprey Becker: They have no idea what I did to those women.

Dr. George Huang: Well, you didn't rape them.

Dr. Huang: What did your mother do to you?

Humphrey Becker: Please! With you people it's always about the mother.

Ida Becker: I couldn't take him anywhere. Not even to my movies.

Humphrey Becker: Shut up!

Ida Becker: As soon as the lights went down, he'd throw a tantrum until they asked us to leave.

Humphrey Becker: Well, you sure in hell found a way to go to them anyway.

Dr. George Huang: How'd you manage that?

Ida Becker: Left him at home.

Humphrey Becker: Shut up!

Elliot Stabler: Alone?

Ida Becker: I made sure he couldn’t hurt himself

Humphrey Becker: (visibly agitated) Please...

Elliot Stabler: You locked him in the closet

Ida Becker: It was only for two hours. But he'd get so worked up, he'd soil himself.

Humphrey Becker: (enraged) Shut up! Don't you ever shut up?! (screaming) DON'T YOU EVER SHUT UP?!

Background information and notes Edit

  • RDK is probably based on the notorious BTK killer, Dennis Rader, who murdered ten people between 1974 and 1991; by sheer coincidence, when the episode aired in October 2004 - 13 years after the last killing and the trail seemingly long gone cold - police in Wichita, Kansas, having received a letter from BTK about a previously unknown murder, were busy making the case which would lead to Rader's arrest four months later.
  • During the episode, Becker leaves a note saying "Who do I have to kill to get on page 1 above the fold?". This is similar to the opening of a letter written by BTK killer Dennis Rader, who wrote, "How many do I have to Kill before I get a name in the paper or some national attention."

Episode scene cards Edit

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Kilmore Time
Sales & Repair
Staten Island, New York
Tuesday, September 28

Apartment of
Jeannette Henley
38 West 84th Street
Wednesday, September 29

Conrado's Cigar Club
& Lounge
253 East 51st Street
Wednesday, September 29

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