Sean Hamill
Name Sean Hamill
Occupation Student
Pathology Bully
Family Lenore Hamill (mother)
Edgar Hamill (father)
Status Alive
Actor Daniel Manche
First Appearance Alien

Sean Hamill was a twelve-year-old student of St. Victor's Academy.


Under his Catholic teachings, he believed that homosexuality was a sin and constantly bullied Emma Boyd for being the daughter of lesbians, despite Father Justin's pleas for Sean to leave Emma alone. He also made fun of Emma's older half-brother Charlie Monaghan, who subsequently beat him up. Sean didn't bother Emma since the beating until a week later, when he kept calling her a dyke and cut off her hair with a pair of scissors. An enraged Emma grabbed the scissors from Sean and stabbed him in the back, severing his spinal cord and permanently paralyzing him.

Sean was driven to the hospital by Charlie in Father Justin's car and survived the stabbing, but was rendered unable to walk again. Although Emma was later arrested for assaulting Sean, the case was later dropped when Detective Olivia Benson, with help from Father Justin, provided evidence to the court from the school's instant messenger log that corroborated Sean's relentless torment of Emma. As a result, his victim credibility was voided, and Emma was given only a month of counseling instead of treatment in a juvenile facility.

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