Sean Roberts
Name Sean Roberts
Pathology Murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Henry Thomas
First Appearance "Making a Rapist"

Sean Roberts is a man who was wrongfully convicted of raping Melanie Harper in 2000 before being exonerated by DNA evidence in 2016. While in prison, he was repeatedly raped and tortured, which turns him into a sexual predator. A month after his release, he became the prime suspect in the rape and murder of Melanie's daughter Ashley.

He accepted a plea bargain and pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge, being sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison. During his allocution, he said that he flew into a rage when Ashley laughed at his sexual advances, and that the ensuing rape and murder "just happened". (SVU: "Making a Rapist")

He is based on Steven Avery, a man wrongfully convicted of the rape and assault of a woman in 1985. In 2003, he was exonerated and released from prison, only to be arrested again in 2005 for the murder of another woman. He was convicted of the murder in 2007 and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

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