Sean Webster
Name Sean Webster
Occupation Truck driver
Pathology Spree killer
Double rapist
Family Seth Webster (father)
Eleanor Webster (mother)
Status Deceased
Actor Reynaldo Rosales
First Appearance "Hate"

Sean Webster was an Islamophobic spree killer and double rapist.


Sean's father Seth left him and his mother Eleanor for a Kuwaiti woman, causing Eleanor to teach her son to hate Muslims out of spite. As he grew up, Sean developed an exclusively Islamophobic ideology. When he became an adult, he started attacking Arabs he came across during a Muslim event he was catering. After he raped, sodomized, and killed two, Sean was arrested by Detective Stabler upon being identified. While in police custody, he killed an inmate who was Muslim.

During the subsequent trial, Sean's attorney Oliver Gates used the defense that his client was born with a "genetic predisposition towards hatred and violence" and that he had no control over his actions. However, the defense fell apart after it was discovered that Seth, long believed to have been killed during Operation Desert Storm, was alive and well. Later, Sean was stabbed to death in a prison yard by friends of his third victim. (SVU: "Hate")

Known Victims

  • Unknown date: Unnamed Palestinian boy (assaulted)
  • 2003:
    • December 1-2: Mira Elbisi (raped with a pipe and set on fire)
    • December 3: Tariq Assad (sodomized with a pipe and set on fire)
    • December 4: Unnamed Muslim inmate (stomped to death)
  • January 9, 2004: Seth Webster (his father; assaulted)