L&O, Episode 5.15
Production number: 69420
First aired: 15 February 1995
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Logan Seed
Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin & Janis Diamond

Directed By
Don Scardino


The detectives discover that a fertility doctor has been an anonymous sperm donor in numerous pregnancies.


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Logan: Brother, and I thought I had a bad beat being raised by two alcoholics.
Briscoe: I wonder which mommy's gonna teach him to smoke and drink.
Logan: And shave.
Briscoe: Well, it's the 90s. Everybody's allowed to gross and disgusting, not just you.

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Episode scene cards

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Office of
Dr. Jordan Delbert
791 East 60th Street
Thursday, January 11

Chambers of
Judge Jean Bryant
Wednesday, January 17

Bromley Boutique
518 Madison Avenue
Friday, January 19

4 5 6

Clara Brock
400 West 83rd Street
Tuesday, January 23

Chambers of
Judge Michael Ianello
Friday, January 26

B&C Laboratories
687 East 20th Street
Thursday, February 1

7 8 9

Hudson Diagnostic
615 West 121 Street
Monday, February 12

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Wednesday, March 6

New York County
Family Court
Friday, March 29


Mount Sinai Hospital
Dr. Michael Lang
Thursday, April 11

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