CI, Episode 7.02
Production number: CI7004
First aired: 11 October 2007
  th of 195 produced in CI  
th of 195 released in CI
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Falacci Logan Seeds
Teleplay By
Peter Blauner

Story By
Peter Blauner & Warren Leight

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


In this episode, Detectives Logan and Falacci investigate the murder of an OB/GYN found posed in a ritualistic fashion, spread-eagle on an exam table.

Logan and Falacci learn the victim ran a private fertility practice with his brother, also a doctor, convincing them a pro-life activist is to blame. They interview the office genetics counselor and an angry patient who claims the doctor performed an abortion on his wife, but an analysis of the crime scene suggests a different scenario.

Further evidence leads the detectives to realise the members of his wealthy family may have been involved in the crime. The list of suspects include the victim's own son, his brother, and the nephew he never even knew he had. Their suspicions take a new twist, when the DNA evidence from the murder comes in.


Main cast

Guest cast





Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Season 7
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