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CI, Episode 1.15
Production number: E2118
First aired: 10 March 2002
  th of 195 produced in CI  
th of 195 released in CI
  th of 1106 released in all  
Goren Eames Semi-Professional
Written By
Stephanie Sengupta

Directed By
Gloria Muzio

An amateur hit man kills the mistress of a judge up for nomination to appellate court.

Plot Edit

The discovery of a law clerk's body in a judge's home results in Goren and Eames first investigating the judge's personal life. The investigation then turns to his professional life when a suspect is found to have connections to one of the judge's competitors for a seat on the appellate court.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

Georgetown Law Review; Serpent's Tooth; Danger's Door; Watercrest Press; Columbia University; Smooth Ride

Quotes Edit

"Anybody that likes Chinese chess can't be all bad. Where'd you learn, anyways?"

- Arnie Cox and Robert Goren

"A history of violence. Sounds like a distinguishing feature of the semi-professional hit man." (Goren looks surprised) "I only look like I'm not paying attention to you."

- Alexandra Eames

"You want to arrest Blakemore?"
"Well, arrest would be an understatement."

- Ron Carver and Robert Goren

"You see something?" (Goren ignores him and continues smelling a garbage can so Carver addresses Eames.) "Is his investigative style always so sociable?"
"Yeah, sure."

- Ron Carver and Alexandra Eames

""Fair Speech and the Fair Use Doctrine: The First Amendment and Encryption Software.""
"Stop it. You're making me hot."

- Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames

"First you call him a plagiarist, then you call him a murderer, now you change your mind. This is no way to treat a justice of the New York Court."

- Ron Carver

"He's paranoid! Pathological!"
"Is that police code for "hot-blooded?""
"Well, don't put words in my mouth, or some kind of attitude!"
"If he's involved, why on earth would he sign a search warrant for Mr. Cox?"
"Because he knew we wouldn't find anything!"
"That's paranoid."

- Robert Goren and Ron Carver

"You underlining the dirty parts?"

- Alexandra Eames

Background information and notes Edit

Background information and notes

Previous episode:
"Homo Homini Lupis"
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Season 1
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