Sergei Pearlman
Name Sergei Perlman
Occupation Mobster
Pathology Serial proxy murderer
Double murderer
Cop killer
Family Tatiana Pearlman (sister; deceased)
Status Unknown
Actor Grigori Gurvich
First Appearance "Disappearing Acts"

Sergei Perlman was the head of a Russian mob and a suspect in a two murders, including that of a Deputy United States Marshal.

After a federal witness agreed to testify against him, SVU detectives arrested Sergei for the murders. The witness was later shot to death in prison by an unknown assailant posing as a guard, and Claudia Williams was forced to dismiss the charges against him without prejudice.

Known Victims

  • 257 people (murdered on Sergei's orders)
  • Anna Rossovitch (blown up with a car bomb on Sergei's orders)
  • Petra Ivankov (murdered on Sergei's orders)
  • Unnamed immigrant (murdered on Sergei's orders)
  • Unnamed bystander (murdered on Sergei's orders)
  • Gregory Rossovitch (murdered)
  • Deputy US Marshal Raymond Lee (murdered)

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