L&O, Episode 2.13
Production number: 67418
First aired: 14 January 1992
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Logan Larry Teasdale Cerreta Severance
Teleplay By
Michael S. Chernuchin & William N. Fordes

Story By
Michael Duggan & William N. Fordes

Directed By
James Frawley

Three men are killed before they have the chance to testify against a defense contractor.




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"At the arraignment, Martine was represented by Arthur Gold. His M.O.'s legendary. He’ll bury us in paper."
"Arthur Gold. He's all fizz and no gin."
"Sometimes fizz works."

- Paul Robinette and Benjamin Stone

"I’m happy for you. Okay if I smoke?"
"Mr. Kemp, what do you say we call your lawyer?"
"No reason to call a lawyer. I didn’t do anything."
"You had a semi-automatic with a fully loaded clip."
"So I had a piece. So I was a naughty boy. I’ll pay the $2."
"You know, I’m thinking it wasn’t just a piece, Frank. I’m thinking it was a murder weapon."

- Frank Kemp, Phil Cerreta, and Mike Logan

"These guys sound like Boy Scouts."
"Or shadow lives. Somebody paid good money to have them killed- you peer long enough, something emerges from the shadows. "

- Phil Cerreta and Mike Logan

"Law Degree. A license to lie."

- Mike Logan

"Mr. Gold, I suggest you read the opinions of the Supreme Court on consensual searches, beginning with the latest sermon from the mount, ‘Florida v. Bostwick.’ If the police can randomly search passengers on a bus, then no possible stretch of logic can mandate the inadmissibility of a consensual search of a train."
"Your Honor, the case law in this circuit..."
"Highlights the frivolity of your motion. And, uh, Mr. Stone unless the Hammad case and its progeny have been overruled while I was napping, the tape is as dirty as last week’s laundry."

- Judge Jenklaw and Arthur Gold

"Mike, labs you ordered."
"Negative. The gun in his bag didn’t kill our guys."
"Oh, the bastard knew it all along."
" A different story on the knife, though. Minute traces of human blood of recent origin."
"Wait a minute, I thought these guys were shot."
"They were."
"Oh great, that's great. So we got two stiffs with no murder weapon and a bloody knife with no victim. That's great."

- Tony Profaci reports the labs findings to Mike Logan and Donald Cragen

"What are you putting in your coffee, Stone? 'Cuz you're high if you think..."
"I think this offer is good for another thirty seconds."

- Frank Kemp and Benjamin Stone

"My client would have surrendered, Mr. Stone. The humiliation of a public arrest was hardly called for."
"I’m sorry I missed the Emily Post chapter on the etiquette of arrest."

- Sharon Styger and Benjamin Stone

"No excuses, you screwed up!"
"I thought..."
"Brains didn't enter into it!"

- Adam Schiff and Benjamin Stone

"I hope she brought a change of underwear."

- Donald Cragen

"Call me for lunch sometime."
"You'd actually eat lunch with him?"
"Only if he orders crow."

- Arthur Gold, Paul Robinette and Benjamin Stone

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the CBS Murders case, in which Donald Nash killed Margaret Barbera, who was cooperating with a Federal investigation into a $6 million fraud, and Leo Kuranuki, Robert Schulze and Edward Benford, three CBS technicians who the police believe were coming to her aid.[1]
  • Stone's old rival Arthur Gold (played by George Grizzard) appears for the first time in an episode from Law & Order. He would return for five more episodes in other seasons.

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Peter Coyle's Apartment
265 Varick Street
Thursday, December 12

Wollman Ice Rink
Thursday, December 17

Riker's Island
Correctional Facility
Wednesday, February 5

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