Shane Lucas
Shane Lucas
Name Shane Lucas
Occupation Pornography producer
Pathology Conspirator
Proxy murderer
Convicted rapist
Repeat offender
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Ritchie Coster
First Appearance "Skeleton"

Shane Lucas was a pornography producer and the prime suspect in the murder of Jody Watson.


Lucas murdered Watson, a fifteen-year-old prostitute, at the behest of Kenneth Peluso, a Vice detective who raped her while on the job. Lucas was later convicted of pandering, assault, and rape charges and released in 2003.

Lucas was also a suspect in ordering Peluso's murder to eliminate a witness. Emiliano Ortiz, the gunman who killed Peluso (and shot Detective Ed Green in the process), testified that Lucas paid him to do it, but Lucas was acquitted.

After Lucas' acquittal, he was confronted by Detective Joe Fontana and Lieutenant Anita Van Buren and arrested for Watson's murder. Lucas is currently serving a life sentence without parole for felony murder. (L&O: "Skeleton")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unnamed woman (raped)
  • Jody Watson (shot once in the head)
  • The sidewalk shooting (committed by Emiliano Ortiz):
    • Kenneth Peluso (shot twice in the chest)
    • Detective Ed Green (shot once in the chest; survived)

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