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Shane Newsome

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Shane Newsome
Name Shane Newsome
Occupation Student
Family Unnamed mother
Status Deceased
Actor Joshua Page
First Appearance "Turmoil"

Shane Newsome (1993-2009) was the best friend of Dickie Stabler.


Shane was a recovering drug addict. He and Dickie both attended Cardinal Catholic Preparatory School together and were best friends. One day, the two went missing. Shane used Dickie's credit card and was killed by a homeless man named Harold Moore, who showed no remorse for his actions. At the time of his death, there had been no drugs in his system for several months. His mother was enraged at the Stabler family's part in her son's death and refused to see Dickie, even telling him not to come to Shane's funeral. (SVU: "Turmoil")

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