Sidney Eckhouse
Name Sidney Eckhouse
Pathology Pedophile
Family Joan Eckhouse (wife; deceased)
Emmy Eckhouse (daughter)
Status Deceased
Actor Alex Manette
First Appearance Home Invasions

Sidney Eckhouse is a man who molested his fourteen-year-old daughter Emmy.

History Edit

Sidney was addicted to gambling, and whenever he was too drunk to place his bets, he would have Emmy do it for him. He once pawned his wife Joan's earrings in order to pay a debt and he later accused their housekeeper, Carmen Vazquez, of stealing them, which resulted in her being fired. Last February, the family went skiing in Vermont. Joan had to leave early for her job, leaving Sidney and Emmy alone together in a cabin. Sidney, who was drunk at the time, raped Emmy on the first night and continued to rape her since then.

When Emmy started to think about killing herself, she, Carmen, and Carmen's brother Jimmy all planned to kill Sidney and Joan to save Emmy from the incest. One night, when Sidney heard the doorbell, he asked Joan to open it to see who it was. A masked Jimmy shot her to death. When Sidney got up, Jimmy shot him to death as well. The bullet that killed Sidney then ricocheted and struck Emmy in the head, which resulted in her being hospitalized, but she survived. (SVU: "Home Invasions")

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