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Simon Marsden

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Simon Marsden
Simon Marsden
Name Simon Marsden
Occupation Pharmacy clerk
Pathology Kidnapper
Family Sharon Marsden (mother)
Joseph Hollister (father; deceased)
Olivia Benson (paternal half-sister)
Tracy Harrison (fiancée)
Ty Mardsen (step-son)
Olivia Mardsen (daughter)
Status Alive
Actor Michael Weston
First Appearance "Philadelphia"
Last Appearance "Child's Welfare"

Simon Marsden (born March 24 1973) is the younger half-brother of Olivia Benson. He had a girlfriend named Tracy who had a child by a previous relationship. Simon has a daughter named Olivia Marsden (Born 2011) and a stepson named Ty (born 2007) through his fiancé Tracey. Simon was a prime suspect in a rape case and was framed by Captain Julia Millfield, who was convinced he had raped her sister on a date. On that night, all that had happened was he kissed her and she freaked out because of her molestation from her father. Simon's father raped Serena Benson. His half sister Olivia Benson found him because she ran her DNA through kinship analysis.

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