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Simon Marsden

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Simon Marsden
Simon Marsden
Name Simon Marsden
Occupation Pharmacy clerk
Pathology Kidnapper
Family Sharon Marsden (mother)
Joseph Hollister (father; deceased)
Olivia Benson (paternal half-sister)
Tracy Harrison (fiancée)
Ty Mardsen (step-son)
Olivia Mardsen (daughter)
Status Alive
Actor Michael Weston
First Appearance "Philadelphia"
Last Appearance "Child's Welfare"

Simon Marsden (born March 24 1973) is the younger half-brother of Olivia Benson.

History Edit

He had a girlfriend named Tracy who had a child through a previous relationship. Simon has a daughter named Olivia Marsden (Born 2011) and a stepson named Ty (born 2007) through his fiancé Tracey. Simon was a prime suspect in a rape case and was framed by Captain Julia Millfield, who was convinced he had raped her sister on a date. On that night, all that had happened was he kissed her and she freaked out because of her molestation from her father. Simon's father raped Serena Benson. His half-sister Olivia Benson found him because she ran her DNA through kinship analysis.

Appearances Edit

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