Simon Matic
Simon Matic
Name Simon Matic
Affiliation Serb Volunteer Guard
Occupation Former soldier
Pathology Rapist
Mob muscle
Status Imprisoned
Actor Ritchie Coster
First Appearance Homo Homini Lupis

Simon Matic is a Serbian national, currently incarcerated for kidnapping and rape. (CI: "Homo Homini Lupis")


Simon Matic was a proud Serbian nationalist who served with the Serb Volunteer Guard during the wars in the 1990s. It is suspected that during this time, he raped several Bosniak and Albanian women. When the SDG was disbanded in 1996, Matic fled to the United States to avoid war crimes charges.

In America, Matic found work as hired muscle for loan sharks. He became notorious for his untraceability. As far as his employers were concerned, he had no name and no face. It was in this capacity that he was hired by Carl Pettijohn to kidnap the family of Lucas Colter, who had borrowed a large sum of money from Pettijohn and failed to repay it. During the three days in which Colter's wife and two daughters were held captive, Matic raped Colter's oldest daughter, Maggie at least twice. This was done without Pettijohn's knowledge. Shortly after, the debt was paid off by Colter's father, Melvin Colter, and the family was returned.

When word that Matic had raped Maggie Colter got out, his former clients turned on him. Pettijohn gave up the name of another client, Nicky Torres, who revealed that Matic had the "Bonanza" theme song as a ringtone. Matic was arrested not long after. Despite some initial resistance, Maggie Colter finally revealed that she'd seen a tattoo on Matic's back from his days in the SDG, and accurately reproduced it. Matic was jailed for rape and kidnapping, with possible other charges pending.

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