Simone Buchman
Simone Buchman
Name Simone Buchman
Affiliation Abraham Ophion
Actor Laura Sametz
First Appearance Charisma

Simone Buchman was a follower of Abraham Ophion's cult.

Simone, and her husband Carl, were introduced to Abraham when he started working in the Christian Tabernacle of Grace. They found him very intriguing, and soon started believing his alternative ideology.

When Abraham was fired from the church by Reverend Tucker, they decided to follow him to the Church of Wisdom and Sight.

They took their daughter Janie along with them to the cult, but when she was four years old the Buchman family withdrew from the church. Her husband found Abraham in Janie's room, with him being down to his shorts. After this incident they left Abraham's group.

Detectives Olivia Benson and John Munch talked to Carl and Simone, during their investigation into Abraham.

The Buchman family lived in Queens, New York City. (SVU:"Charisma")

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