Skye Adderson
Name Skye Adderson
Occupation Actor
Pathology Statutory rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jeremy Jordan
First Appearance Agent Provocateur

Skye Adderson is an actor who had sex with his costar Scott Russo's teenage fan Madison Baker.


After being told by Scott Russo that she was to young for him Baker wonders in the hallway and meets Skye Adderson. Adderson then invites her into his room and gives her some alcohol and she takes some pills. They then have sex but the pills she took cause Baker to have a drug overdose which causes Skye to panic and call his manager Lebasi for help. He wanted to call an ambulance but Lebasi tells him that if it were discovered that he had sex with an underage girl he would go to jail and therefor be unable to preform in a movie called "Catalyst". She convinces him to stuff Madison in a suitcase and leave her in an ally. Lebasi then gets a gossip site mogul named Lenny Simmons to impersonate an officer to steal the footage on the video cameras that showed Baker and Skye.

The next day while he is having his picture taken for a movie the detectives question him about if he saw Scott and Madison but he tells them he is not sure if they left together or not. When Russo is arrested Skye offers to call their manager Lebasi but Scott tells him to call his attorney instead. When Baker finally admits that it was Skye who had sex with her the SVU detectives go to his hotel room just as he is getting ready to go to New Zealand to act in a movie called "Catalyst" but when the detectives trick him into thinking the have the video footage he and Lebasi end up admitting that he did have sex with Madison and that he did leave her in the ally. Skye is currently serving 15-20 years for sleeping with Madison and leaving her for dead and Lebasi is also in jail for her role in the crime. (SVU: "Agent Provocateur")

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