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L&O, Episode 6.19
Production number: K0122
First aired: 21 April 1996
  th of 456 produced in L&O  
th of 456 released in L&O
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Written By
René Balcer & Elaine Loeser

Directed By
Jace Alexander

A 13-year-old, who was forced to work for a drug dealer, kills a woman after stray bullets fly through her apartment window.

Plot Edit

A woman is shot while sleeping, and the investigation leads the police to a boy whose crack-addicted mother has entrusted him to a dealer's care.

Cast Edit

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Quotes Edit

  • Adam Schiff: Didn't you say that's where he belongs?
  • Jack McCoy: That must have been some other arrogant, moralistic son of a bitch.

(About Lonnie Rickman.)

  • Rey Curtis: This kid stands on his own two feet.
  • Lennie Briscoe: This kid changed his own diapers too.
  • Anita Van Buren: You call it police brutality, we call it resisting arrest.

Background information and notes Edit

Background information and notes

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