Smythe & Bradley is a Wall Street law firm serving some of the most exclusive clientele in Manhattan in managing their money. In 1993, it received a considerable black eye after one of the firm's associates, an estate attorney named Kevin Doyle, is arrested for murdering his client Barbara Spiegelman. It is revealed Doyle killed Spiegelman for an executor's commission of $500,000 for handling her estate to pay off loans he incurred. The firm covered Doyle's bail and hired William "Bill" Patton to defend Doyle on these charges. During the trial, EADA Benjamin Stone revealed his family history, which Doyle was also trying to cover up with the murder as well because he came from a working class family. As a result, Doyle committed suicide by slitting his wrists in his bathtub. (L&O: "Right to Counsel")

After he unknowingly convicted an innocent man of murder, Frank Lazar quit his job at the Kings County District Attorney's Office to work at the Smythe & Bradley Litigation Department. (L&O: "Jurisdiction")

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