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Sophie Gerard
Sophie Shattered
Name Sophie Gerard
Occupation Anthropologist
Pathology Assailant
Family Paul Olsen (ex-husband)
Nicholas Olsen (son; deceased)
Status Institutionalized
Actor Isabelle Huppert
First Appearance "Shattered"

Sophie Gerard is a Frenchwoman who was suspected of abducting her own son.


Sophie was married to Paul Olsen, though the marriage broke down due to clashes and difference of opinion. Both were under the belief that they were right in their methods of raising the child. She is first suspected of kidnapping her son Nicholas from Paul. Her rage ultimately boils down to a tense standoff with the SVU team, after hearing that her son died in a car crash along with the kidnapper. Suffering into a psychotic mental breakdown, Sophie steals off an officer's gun and holds Benson, Marlowe, Paul, and Warner hostage.

She attempts to shoot Paul after he continued accusing her of their son's death, but Warner receives the bullet in the lung by accident. Sophie then allows Benson and Warner to go, so that Warner can get medical attention, but still holds Marlowe and Paul hostage, being somewhat deluded that Nicholas isn't dead. Eventually, Elliot learns from Cragen that Paul is the one who hired the kidnapper and framed Sophie for it by using one of her credit cards. Breaking into the room, Elliot reveals the truth to everyone, but this only incites Sophie to point the gun at Paul, angrily blaming him for Nicholas' death.

Exposed, Paul finally breaks down into tears and confessed to having hired the kidnapper, stating that he wanted to take Nicholas away from her. He admits that he didn't intent to have Nicholas killed. Eventually, Marlowe convinces Sophie to drop the gun and settle whatever thought she has for her dead son. Convinced, Sophie drops the gun and cradles over her son's corpse while Stabler arrests Paul. It can be implied that Sophie will be dropped from all charges following Paul's arrest, but it is also implied that she will be arrested for the shooting of Warner, despite the fact that it was an accident. The psychotic breakdown landed her in a psychiatric hospital. (SVU: "Shattered")

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