Speckled Stallion was a band fronted by Phillip Morrison back in the 60s. Though Phillip likes to brag about how they played the third-longest set at Woodstock, by most accounts, they were god-awful; Detective Zack Nichols has said that they "left the audience wanting less."

In 2009, Phillip, now a failing talent agent who moonlighted as a landlord to pay the bills, again made headlines when two of his artists, Theodore Kenright and Rafe Shaver, were both killed within a week of each other. Shaver's death was later attributed to one of his rivals, but Kenright's murder was determined to have been Phillip's work. Despite the publicity that his crimes have attracted, there's been no talk of a Speckled Stallion reunion, which is probably much to the relief of everyone in the music industry. (CI: "Rock Star")