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St. Fabiola's Sex Trafficking Ring
Name St. Fabiola's Sex Trafficking Ring
Occupation Sex trafficking ring
Pathology Murderers
Serial rapists
Status Disbanded
First Appearance Manhattan Transfer"
Last Appearance Unholiest Alliance"

St. Fabiola's Sex Trafficking Ring (named for the purposes of this wiki) was an underage sex trafficking ring centered around the St. Fabiola’s Academy, which is featured prominently in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Their crimes range from sex trafficking, prostitution, assault, rape, and murder.


The ring was first started in 1996 by Frank Catalona when he ran the school with Patrick Mulregan as his protege. The two molested and raped female students at St. Fabiola’s Academy and then held sex parties for influential people to do the same. To keep the girls quiet they also took photos of the acts and threatened to show their parents if they ever told anyone. When Catalona was promoted to Bishop, he appointed Mulregan as the Monsignor in charge of the school and the sex parties. To this end Mulregan blackmailed Father Eugene O’Hanigan to bring the girls to the parties by using his sexual relationship with another man as leverage and brought in Father Victor Akintola to kill anyone who got out of line. When Vice Detectives Tom Russo and Anton Jefferson eventually discovered the operation, they decided to join the trafficking ring as enforcers, covering the parties up from their superiors and other precincts. They also participated in the parties, raping the girls as well. A nun working at St. Akintola’s named Sister Nina Kelly eventually discovers the ring and starts working the parties to help get several of the girls out.

On SVUEdit

St. Fabiola's Sex Trafficking Ring first came into SVU's crosshairs when SVU lead a raid on one of their parties on the tip from a nurse. As a result many of the clients, girls, enforcers, and Sister Kelly were taken into custody. The Vice cops were able to convince SVU that they were working undercover and their Captain, Igor Gerbic, arrives to bail them out. When Jefferson and Russo are called into IAB, they lie saying that BX9 are hosting these parties and they are working UC to catch the players involved, but refuse to name a specific target. When Captain Ed Tucker, Father O’Hanigan’s cousin, mentions that a girl named Cara Gutierrez is talking to the cops, they send Father Akintola to kill her. To this end, Akintola injects Gutierrez with a fatal amount of heroin and she overdoses. When interviewed, Father Akintola covers his tracks by saying she willingly injected the drugs into her system. Tucker later confronts O’Hanigan about revealing Cara’s involvement, they decide to frame Tucker as the head of the trafficking ring. (SVU: “Manhattan Transfer")

They manufacture evidence through their clients in the Bronx DA’s office to frame Tucker as the head of the ring. Father Akintola is later sent to silence Sister Kelly and he tracks her down, runs her vehicle off the road, and forces her and another sex slave, Natalia Diaz, into his van. Akintola then drags them out into the woods where he rapes and kills Sister Kelly in front of Natalia to send a message. Akintola then injects Diaz with a fatal dose of heroin to kill her. Natalia survives, however, and Monsignor Mulregan buys Akintola a ticket out of the country through another nun at the school. The priests start to close ranks and refuse to talk to the police. When the police discover why Father O’Hanigan is working for them, Bishop Catalona and Monsignor Mulregan hold a press conference where they throw Father O’Hanigan under the bus. Eventually, Detective Carisi convinces Father O’Hanigan to reveal the location of the photos and indictments are drawn up for everyone involved. The detectives, sex slaves (past and present), nuns and Father O’Hanigan testify in a grand jury and all the players involved are arrested except for Bishop Catalona. Captain Tucker is cleared in the process and all the clients are arrested, including judges, assemblymen and councilmen. (SVU: “Unholiest Alliance”)

Known MembersEdit

Sex SlavesEdit

Known ClientsEdit

  • New York City Judge George Wheeler
  • Bronx ADA Joel Wynne
  • Retired DA Investigator John Townshend
  • State Councilman Robert Pearson
  • State Assemblyman Brian Johnson
  • State Assemblyman Marco Ramirez
  • Unnamed State Assemblyman
  • Unnamed judge

Known VictimsEdit

  • 1996-2016:
    • Repeatedly raped at least 9 women and girls, including:
      • Deanna Walsh
      • Danielle Backerly
      • Margaret Kenswick
      • Cara Gutierrez (overdosed on heroin supplied by Father Akintola on March 3, 2016)
      • Natalia Diaz (overdosed on heroin supplied by Father Akintola on March 5, 2016; survived)
    • 2016:
      • March 5: Sister Nina Kelly (raped and shot by Akintola)


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