Stan Shatenstein
Name Stan Shatenstein
Title Defense Attorney
Affiliation 18b Panel
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Sig Libowitz
First Appearance "Thrill"
Last Appearance "Obsession"

Stan Shatenstein is a defense attorney in New York City who does pro bono work as a public defender.


ADA Jack McCoy successfully tricked Shatenstein to seek the severing of his client's trial from that of another defendant McCoy was prosecuting. (The prosecution cannot legally sever the trials, but the defense could seek to sever the trials.) With one murder trial for both defendants, each defendant could accuse the other of firing the bullet, thereby producing reasonable doubt as to their guilt. Severing the two trials allowed McCoy to argue in one trial that one defendant fired the fatal bullet while arguing in the other trial that the other defendant fired the fatal bullet. (L&O: Thrill)

According to ADA Ron Carver, Shatenstein was the worst pro bono attorney he knew. He typically worked the night shift, after 7:00. Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames used this information to specially time their arrest of sisters Sarah Eldon and Hannah Price as murder suspects so he would be assigned to them as their attorney.

Initially, they were indeed both assigned Shatenstein. He was unfamiliar with death penalty cases and slow to advocate for his clients. Eldon's wealthy employer eventually hired a new attorney for her, but not Price, which Goren and Eames suspected would happen. This division eventually led to Price confessing to both their involvements in the murder they were charged with. (CI: Tomorrow)

He later represented Karen Nix in the murder of her lover's husband and managed to secure a plea bargain in exchange for Nix's testimony against her former lover.(L&O: Obsession)


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