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Star Morrison
Dana Lewis
Name Star Morrison
Affiliation Federal Bureau of Investigation
Occupation Special Agent
Status Active
Actor Marcia Gay Harden
First Appearance Raw

Star Morrison is the alias used by Special Agent Dana Lewis. Through the Federal Bureau of Investigation's New York branch, Morrison has been teamed up with the Special Victims Unit on several occasions.


According to Dana Lewis, she went undercover as Star Morrison for five months as a member of the white supremacist group Revolution Aryan Warriors. She worked her way up to the top of the organization and was apparently the girlfriend of leader Brian Ackerman given a comment by one of the group's members; she was forced to break her cover during a courtroom shootout, killing Ackerman's teenage son Kyle as he was about to finish off a wounded Elliot Stabler. Thanks to Lewis' efforts as Star Morrison, the FBI was successfully able to bust the group who were planning on bombing an unknown target. In contrast to the personality Lewis had as Star Morrison, she is actually a very nice person and is horrifed by the racial things she had to say and do as part of her cover.


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