SVU, Episode 7.08
Production number: 07009
First aired: 15 November 2005
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Mike Jergens
Written By
Lisa Marie Petersen

Directed By
David Platt

Summary Edit

After a dating service is linked to three rapes, Olivia goes undercover to ferret out the rapist and meets Mike Jergens, a surgeon who enjoys controlling the women in his life. The detectives are soon led to his girlfriend, Cora Kennison. But shortly after testifying in the grand jury hearing, Cora marries Mike. After Cora attempts suicide, Mike fights her mother, Virginia, to unplug her feeding tube.

Plot Edit

Episode plot

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Quotes Edit

  • Novak: [to the District Attorney] Cora's mom went to the papers. How's that my fault?
  • Branch: You gave her the baloney and she made the sandwich!

  • Stabler: [as he and the other detectives are talking about speed dating] You seem to know an awful lot about it.
  • Munch: Well, I went through a little dating slump.
  • Fin: Called adulthood.

  • Munch: [about speed-dating] Invented by a rabbi to match his students with Jewish mates. One of my people's many contributions to the world.
  • Fin: Second only to bagels.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Nitpick: When dialing Elliot, Olivia enters the full telephone number. It's unlikely that Olivia would not have her partner's number programmed into her cell phone's memory.

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3

Speed Encounters
141 Broadway
Wednesday, October 19

Nick's Martini
Bar & Lounge
253 Bowery Avenue
Wednesday, October 19

Chambers of
Judge Elizabeth Donnelly
Monday, October 24

4 5 6

Trial Part 29
Monday, November 7

Chambers of
Judge Elizabeth Donnelly
Tuesday, November 8

Trial Part 29
Thursday, November 10

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Season 7
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