Stefan Tanzic
Name Stefan Tanzic
Affiliation Serbian Army
Occupation Cab driver
Pathology War criminal
Serial rapist
Mass murderer
Family Unnamed wife
Two unnamed children
Unnamed son (mothered by Marta Stevens)
Status Deceased
Actor Uncredited
First Appearance "Payback"

Stefan Tanzic (alias Steven Panachek) was a former officer in the Serbian Army who immigrated illegally to the United States and became a cab driver. He was mutilated and murdered by two of his former victims.


Born in Serbia, Stefan Tanzic became an officer in the Serbian Army. He later commanded an ethnic cleansing unit, leading his men in raping and murdering dozens of women. He was known for being particularly sadistic, even blinding one of his victims while raping her.

He was indicted for his crimes and fled to America, where he eventually married and became a cab driver. He was later recognized by two of his former victims, Anya Ragova and Marta Stevens, and they plotted to kill him. One night they got into his cab, where they castrated him and stabbed him to death.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Murdered and ordered the murders of numerous unnamed men, old men, and boys
  • Anya Ragova's unnamed husband and grandson (both personally murdered)
  • Raped a total of 67 unnamed women. They include:
    • Ileana Jashari (raped and blinded)
    • Anya Ragova
    • Marta Stevens (raped for 23 days straight)

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