Stephen Talmadge
Name Stephen Talmadge
Title Tyler Blake
Occupation Student
Family Jennifer Talmadge (mother)
Robert Cook (father)
Adam Blake (adoptive father)
Erin Blake (adoptive mother)
Brandon Cook (paternal half-brother)
Unnamed paternal half-brother
Herbert Talmadge (maternal grandfather)
Margaret Talmadge (maternal grandmother)
Status Alive
Actor Ian Cronin
First Appearance "Stolen"

Stephen Talmadge (alias Tyler Blake) was the son of Jennifer Talmadge and Robert Cook.


His mother had an affair with his father Robert, resulting in his birth. Robert's wife Linda murdered Stephen's mom and put him on the black market. Stephen, renamed Tyler Blake, was adopted into a good family and spent his whole life with them until he was found by SVU detectives, led by Captain Donald Cragen.

His biological father, once he learned of Stephen's existence, sued for custody and the ADA, Alexandra Cabot, sympathetic to Stephens situation, acted as his lawyer. The judge granted Robert custody, but the judge asked for arrangements to be made so that Stephen could also spend time with his adopted parents. His father seemed to be doing this, as Robert and Stephen's adoptive parents were seen talking at the end of the episode. (SVU: "Stolen")