Stewart Lynch
Name Stewart Lynch
Affiliation Global Voyages Travel Agency
Occupation Reconstructive surgeon
Pathology Pedophile
Serial rapist
Child abuser
Status Imprisoned
Actor Patrick Cassidy
First Appearance Angels

Dr. Stewart Lynch is a surgeon, pedophile, and serial rapist. He was a customer of a human trafficking ring disguised as a travel agency, which sold children to wealthy pedophiles.


Lynch was the doctor for Ernesto Diaz and Jose, two boys "adopted" by fellow pedophile Bret Jansen. He also received three foreign boys sold by Anthony Damon and sexually abused them. Lynch was arrested on suspicion of murdering Jansen, but was found innocent. He pointed authorities to Dr. Walt Massey, a fellow pedophile. He was later imprisoned for kidnapping and sexually abusing the three boys, as well as raping numerous children during trips to Third World countries.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Raped numerous unnamed children in foreign countries prior to being suspected by authorities
  • New York City, New York:
    • Juan Lynch (held captive and sexually abused)
    • Ramon Lynch (held captive and sexually abused)
    • An unnamed boy (held captive and sexually abused)

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