Stuart Doyle
IMG 0292
Name Stuart Doyle
Title The West Soho Rapist
12 19
Affiliation The Justice League
Occupation Comic book store employee
Pathology Serial rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Keir O'Donnell
First Appearance "Street Revenge"

Stuart Doyle is a member of a local vigilante group who raped multiple women in order to stay close to a fellow vigilante he liked named Leslie Adams.


When Stuart met Leslie at a comic book store he worked at he told her that the city was a dangers place but she did not believe him so he started raping many women, which in turn caused a lot of panic in the city and creates a vigilante group to "stop the rapes" and tells Leslie about the group he is part of so she would think of him as a hero. Eventually he also convinces Leslie to join the group so he could be closer to her. The vigilante group attack a rapist who was imitating Stuart's rapes. While on patrol with Leslie, Stuart learns that she is in a relationship with a married man which upsets him so much that he knocks her out from behind with a brick and rapes her, then he stabs himself with a pair of scissors to make it seem like he was attacked too.

While at the hospital he is questioned by Amaro who also reprimands him for being a vigilante but Stuart defends his and Leslie's actions and brags that their group is called "The Justice League". Stuart and the other vigilantes attack Henry (the man Leslie was having an affair with) and during the attack Stuart plants hair from the woman he raped (which he cut during the rapes to keep) in Henry's car to make it seem like he is the rapist. When Rollins and Amaro bring Stuart to the roof he and Leslie were attacked they confront him with the evidence against him and he finally confess to the rapes. He then asks if they told Leslie he was the rapist and the detectives tell him that they did and that she left the justice league. They then arrest him for rape and assault. (SVU: "Street Revenge")


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