Susan Guan
Name Darrell Guan
Family Unnamed parents
Darrell Guan (son with Harold Starnes; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Wai Ching Ho
First Appearance "Inheritance"

Susan Guan was a rape victim. She was attacked by serial rapist Harold Starnes in the 1970s, and became pregnant as a result. Her family blamed her for being raped, and shamed her into keeping the baby.

Her son, Darrell, resembled Starnes, and became for her a living reminder of the rape; thus, she could not bring herself to love him, and treated him with coldness and neglect. Her family, meanwhile, ostracized him because of his mixed race heritage (Susan was Chinese, while Starnes was African-American). Darrell grew up to become a serial rapist, just like his father. (SVU: "Inheritance")

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