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SVU, Episode 7.14
Production number: 07014
First aired: 17 January 2006
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th of 366 released in SVU
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Everett Drake & Ella Christiansen
Written By
Dawn DeNoon

Directed By
Arthur W. Forney

Summary Edit

A college co-ed's tale of rape and an unknown pregnancy is suspect after detectives learn that she's been linked to not one but two abandoned newborns.

Plot Edit

A girl is running after her dog, when the dog is finally caught, it has afterbirth in its mouth. The girl and some passersby couple trace the afterbirth to the trash where they hear a baby crying. A baby boy is found and taken to the hospital where Benson and Stabler are getting his stats. Evidence leads them to a college student, who claims she was never pregnant. After interrogation, she passes out as she is leaving and is taken to the hospital where Benson finds out she was indeed pregnant and had gotten an infection from leftover traces of the afterbirth in the uterus. However, she claims she never knew that she was pregnant until the day she gave birth. She confessed to Benson that she was raped, but refused to give up the name of the father. After word leaks out to the media that she tossed a baby in the trash, the SVU detectives puts in their resources to figure out the case. Cragen then reveals that she was linked to another case of a child tossed in the trash, leaving them to assume that she lied about the rape, and is instead a serial baby killer. After interviewing other people that she was connected to trying to figure out who the father was, Doctor Warner reveals that her father and the baby's father are the same person. A paternity test later reveals that her abandoned children were the result of an incestuous relationship with her father. In the end, she is acquitted of all charges by reason of mental illness/defect, and her father is permanently barred from having any contact with his son/grandson.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Recurring cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

Pseudocyesis; Manhattan Institute of Technology; Safe Haven Laws

Quotes Edit

  • Donald Cragen: This nutcase is a serial baby-killer.

  • Olivia Benson [to Ella]: I could never understand my mother's inability to love me. Not until after I learned the truth about myself.

  • Olivia Benson (to Mr. Drake): Wow! Denial really does run in your family.

  • Olivia Benson: You're a sick man, Mr. Drake.

  • Donald Cragen [to Elliot]: Interrogation 101: Overcoming resistance through compassion.
  • Elliot Stabler: I can't. Not with this one.
  • Olivia Benson: It's Saturday.
  • Elliot Stabler: Holding that kid, she just ... threw away.
  • Donald Cragen: Kathy still has custody.
  • Elliot Stabler: It's my weekend, the day's half gone, I'm still here.

  • Elliot Stabler: (while holding the baby's hand) Welcome to the world there, tough guy.

  • [After the verdict]
  • Olivia Benson: She had to be crazy, don't you think? She did what Everett told her to do.
  • Casey Novak: She'll probably have the hospital convinced that she's cured in a year or so.
  • Olivia Benson: Then it's back to Daddy.

  • Olivia Benson: (to Everett Drake) Did you tell her that her grandson is also her stepson?
  • Mrs. Drake: What?
  • Olivia Benson: Your husband's been cheating on you. With his own daughter.

  • Morty Berger: My client doesn't have so much as a parking ticket.
  • Casey Novak: I'm sure if she did, she would just throw them in the trash along with her babies.

  • Elliot Stabler [to Ella]: You chose to walk six blocks with him, right past a firehouse! A hospital where, under safe haven laws, you could've just left him anonymously!
  • Ella Christenson: Why are you yelling at me?
  • Elliot Stabler [yelling]: Because you tossed him in the trash, like the garbage you are!

  • Doctor [about the baby]: His umbilical cord was clamped off with this, or he'd have bled to death.
  • Olivia Benson: (reads the clamp) "Gourmet Coffee."
  • Elliot Stabler: Guess he interrupted breakfast.

  • (Munch and Fin are investigating the disappearance of Ella's first child.)
  • John Munch: What did she say happened to the baby?
  • New Jersey Detective: She disposed of it herself.
  • Fin Tutuola: For future reference, that's called Murder Two.

  • Everett Drake: (holding the baby) I'm taking custody. I can give him a home. He belongs with his father.
  • Casey Novak: But not with his grandfather.

  • Fin Tutuola [about a homeless woman who believed she was pregnant]: A fruitcake with baby fever.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Zeljko Ivanek plays a character named Everett Drake in this episode. His first scene is a dialog scene with Fin and John Munch. Zeljko Ivanek previously played ADA Ed Danvers in Homicide: Life on the Street, and interacted regularly with John Munch on that show. Additionally, Ed Danvers crossed over more than once into the original Law & Order series, which is where the Don Cragen character originated. In this episode of SVU, Munch apparently doesn't notice the strong resemblance Drake shares with Ed Danvers.
  • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Holly Ashcraft case.

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3 4

Gourmet Coffee Shop
108 West 91st Street
Friday, December 9

Einstein's Bar
581 Columbus Avenue
Friday, December 9

Manhattan Institute
Of Technology
602 Columbus Avenue
Saturday, December 10

Bellevue Hospital
Emergency Room
Saturday, December 10

5 6 7 8

Drake Residence
12829 Carter Avenue
Newark, New Jersey
Monday, December 12

Part 22
Monday, December 12

Trial Part 13
Wednesday, January 11

New York State
Facility for
Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Thursday, January 12

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Season 7
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