Tandi McCain
Name Tandi McCain
Occupation Student
Family Alice McCain (mother)
Ronald McCain (stepfather)
Status Alive
Actor Amanda Seyfried
First Appearance "Outcry"

Tandi McCain is a teenage girl who was allegedly raped by her stepfather's boss, Mike Tucker.

History Edit

After she is allegedly raped by Tucker, Tandi spends two days in a newly constructed building. When she is questioned at the hospital, she says that Army cadets from a nearby college kidnapped and raped her, which eventually results in one of them being chased into the street and hit by a car. It is later revealed that she was at a rave party and the media tries to show a video of her on the air, but ADA Novak and the detectives prevent that from happening.

After her stepfather is questioned for the rape, Tandi finally admits that she lied when she said the cadets were the ones who raped her and that she just said it so she would be left alone. After this, she is arrested for making a false statement.

When Benson questions her, Tandi claims that Tucker is her rapist and that she was afraid to say he did it because he told her that her stepfather would lose his job. Casey tells her that Tucker's defense is going to use her false allegations against her. At trial, Tucker is acquitted. While Tandi and her parents are leaving the courthouse, another young woman named Allison Luhan walks up to her to thank her for coming forward. Allison then tells the detectives that she was also raped by Tucker. (SVU: "Outcry")

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