Taylor Barnes
Name Taylor Barnes
Family Colin Barnes (father)
Anne Barnes (mother)
Unnamed younger sibling
Cate Avery (half-sister)
Melissa Stack (half-sister)
Ashley Riggs (half-sister)
Brendan Riggs (nephew)
Status Alive
Actor Sarah Hogrefe
First Appearance "Father Dearest"

Taylor Barnes is the daughter of Colin and Anne Barnes who was deceived by sexual predator Sean Albert, who greatly envied her father to the point where he raped his donor daughters.

History Edit

Taylor Barnes was raised to be successful like her parents, but she claims that she never felt close to her father. She and her mother did not know that her father had donated sperm. When Detectives Benson and Amaro arrived to question her father, she asked what was going on. Her mother claimed it was all fine and to return to the party they were hosting. When her father's status as a sperm donor is discovered, Taylor leaves the house in disgust. Her father tries to stop her but she doesn't listen to him. While she was still angry Sean contacted her and told her that he was her real father like he did with her half sisters. He then took her to a high class hotel room where he seduced her and they end up having sex. When Detectives Benson and Amaro finally find her they try to explain the kind of man Sean is but she refused to believe them, still believing Sean is her biological father.

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