Taylor Culphers
Name Taylor Culphers
Family Ron Culphers (father)
Liz Culpares (mother)
Emily Culphers (sister)
Status Alive
Actor Taylor Spreitler
First Appearance Friending Emily

Taylor Culphers is a fifteen-year-old girl who's sister, Emily Culphers, was kidnaped by a pedophile named Peter.

History Edit

When their parents allowed her and her sister to visit New York City, Taylor became bored of the museums and was invited to a frat party by Jane Kalreiss. While at the frat party Taylor makes out with different college guys and ends up having sex with a twenty-one-year old man, during the party her sister Emily becomes lost and is kidnaped by Peter. When detectives Amanda Rollins and Odafin Tutuola enter the room she was having sex in, they arrest the frat boy for statutory rape, because Taylor is only fifteen, and Rollins asks her where her sister is. When Taylor learns that her sister is gone she checks her phone and sees the video Emily made of her abduction, much to her worry.

Later when she is being questioned by Rollins and Olivia Benson at the precinct, they tell her that Kalreiss installed malwear on her phone so that she and Peter can learn more about her and Emily, she begins to blame herself but Benson tells her that won't help find her sister. When the detectives discover what happened to her sister, Benson tells Taylor that they don't know where Emily is but that she is alive, when Taylor asks how she knows that Emily is alive if they don't know where she is, Benson does not answer but Taylor realizes that her sister is being used to make child pornography, which causes her to cry and regret going to the party.

When her parents get to the precinct Taylor tries to apologize for what happened and when Ron and Liz Culphers get into a fight with each other about letting her and Emily come to New York, the detectives separate them to ask questions and Nick Amaro takes Taylor to get food. Eventually when the detectives find a video of Kalreiss they ask Taylor to identify her and she confirms that she's the one who invited her to the party. When Emily is found she is brought back to the precinct, where she is reunited with Taylor and their parents. (SVU: "Friending Emily")

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