Ted Carthage
Name Ted Carthage
Affiliation My Salvation Charities
Occupation Philanthropist
Pathology Double murderer
Double rapist
Serial statutory rapist
Status Deceased
Actor Gordon Clapp
First Appearance "Infected"

Ted Carthage was a philanthropist and the prime suspect in the rape and murder of Monica Phelps and the murder of her longtime friend Gina Arroyo.


Before killing Monica and Gina, Carthage was also a suspect in a small number of rapes, and had paid his victims to have sex with him.

After he was arrested before he could have sex with a repeat underage customer, Nathan Phelps, son of Monica, accidentally identified another suspect in his mother's murder in the police lineup.

Frustrated and determined to rectify his mistake, Nathan located Carthage in his office at My Salvation Charities and shot him to death. (SVU: "Infected")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Committed several unspecified statutory rapes
  • Katie (raped)
  • Gina Arroyo (shot twice in the chest)
  • Monica Phelps (raped and shot twice in the chest)

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