Terry Jessup
Name Terry Jessup
Pathology Murderer
Statutory rapist
Double kidnapper
Status Imprisoned
Actor David Harbour
First Appearance "Dolls"

Terry Jessup was a suspect in the rape-murder of five-year-old Susie Marshall. He was also the suspect in the abduction of five-year-old Nina Tremain.


Terry was obsessed with dolls and possessed a collection of them that he inherited from his deceased mother. In his childhood, he was verbally abused by his mother, who never trusted him in taking care of the dolls, although she sometimes allowed him to groom them when she was in a good mood. He liked to fix toys and worked at a local community center, where he came in contact with Susie and Nina. Terry dressed up as a social worker to abduct the girls and dressed them up as dolls.

Terry was charged with second-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping, but after disclosing the location of Nina, he pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in Susie's death and second-degree kidnapping in Nina's abduction and was sentenced to the maximum sentence for each charge to be served concurrently. (SVU: "Dolls")