Tessa Sennet
Name Tessa Sennet
Family Miles Sennet (father)
Valerie Sennet (mother; deceased)
Unnamed grandparents
Status Alive
Actor Tiffany Evans
First Appearance "Burned"

Tessa Sennet is the twelve-year-old daughter of Miles and Valerie Sennet.


Her parents are divorced and her visits with Miles were supervised by a social worker. When questioned about Miles' abusive behavior, Tessa says that her father never abused her and doesn't believe her father would rape her mother.

Valerie was set on fire by Miles and Tessa was taken by her father. When the police apprehend him, Tessa begs her father to come with her, but he pushes her away and has Elliot take her to a squad car while the police arrest him. Near the end of the episode, Tessa is in the care of her grandparents.

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