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"The Consoler"
CI, Episode 10.02
Production number: 10002
First aired: 8 May 2011
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Goren and Eames The Consoler
Written By
Chris Brancato

Directed By
Michael Smith



Main castEdit

Recurring castEdit

Guest castEdit




Background information and notesEdit

  • Julia Ormond joins the cast with this episode as Dr. Paula Gyson. She is billed as "Also Starring" and sequenced after Jay O. Sanders' title card.
  • Aired out of sequence; was intended to air as the season premiere. but aired after "Rispetto" to provide some continuity through Goren's psychiatric sessions.

Production ErrorsEdit

  • One of the photos on Teresa's desk is the graduation photo of Dr. Curtis from the season nine finale Three-In-One.

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