"The Consoler"
CI, Episode 10.02
Production number: 10002
First aired: 8 May 2011
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Goren and Eames The Consoler
Written By
Chris Brancato

Directed By
Michael Smith



Main cast

Recurring cast

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Background information and notes

  • Julia Ormond joins the cast with this episode as Dr. Paula Gyson. She is billed as "Also Starring" and sequenced after Jay O. Sanders' title card.
  • Aired out of sequence; was intended to air as the season premiere. but aired after "Rispetto" to provide some continuity through Goren's psychiatric sessions.

Production Errors

  • One of the photos on Teresa's desk is the graduation photo of Dr. Curtis from the season nine finale Three-In-One.
  • Detective Goren tells the M.E. that the olive oil and balsam found on the victim are the components of "myrrh", when in fact they are the components of "chrism", which is used for anointing in certain rites of the Church.

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