Theresa Burgess
Name Theresa Burgress
Title Jazmin
Affiliation The Laszlo Agency
Division Fashion
Occupation Teen supermodel
Family Sue Burgess (mother)
Tom Burgess (father)
Status Deceased
Actor Layla Alexander
First Appearance "...Or Just Look Like One"

Theresa "Jazmin" Burgess was a sixteen-year-old teen supermodel who was beaten, raped, and left for dead outside of Roosevelt Hospital.


Her model name was Jazmin, made up by her father. She was attacked with a claw hammer and raped with a wooden object. Theresa suffered injuries to her face, breasts, and genitals. She also suffered an methamphetamine overdose, which left her on a ventilator.

Jazmin was at a photo shoot around 6:00pm and left around 3:00 in the morning. During the photo shoot, Jazmin was booted off the photo shoot for failing a weigh-in, at a 5'7 height and weighted 110 pounds and was told to come back when she lost eight pounds. She went into the photographer, Carlo Parisi's office and made phone calls to keep her job. She left the shoot along with her friend and fellow model, Vanessa Wong.

It is later revealed that Jazmin and Vanessa went to a famous author, Hampton Trill's house to score drugs. According to her agent, Nina Lazlo, Jazmin was made to "Lewinsky"/have oral sex with Carlo Parisi as part of his private poloroid collection, but later refused to use her for the shoot. For revenge, she stole his Poloroid collection and wanted to use them to make sure he never worked again.

After the detectives discover that Deborah Latrell (Carlo's business partner) was engaged to Carlo, they come to the assumption that Jazmin found out about Carlo's photo collection and told Deborah about it. Deborah met Jazmin and Vanessa at Hampton Trill's party and wanted to get the photos back.

Deborah confesses that Jazmin showed her the photos. She was high on speed, saw the hammer and attacked Jazmin's teeth with it. She swung it at Vanessa when she started screaming. She says that Carlo told her to make it look like Jazmin was raped and then they dumped her outside of the hospital. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Jazmin has died.

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