Tiana Raynes
Tiana Raynes
Name Tiana Raynes
Affiliation Orion Bay clothing line
Occupation Clothing store manager
Pathology Con artist
Status Alive
Actor Lakisha May
First Appearance American Disgrace

Tiana Raynes is a woman who was paid by Orion Bauer to make false accusations of rape against basketball star Shakir Wilkins.


When Shakir and Tiana met they have consensual sex in the dressing room of the store she works. After the sex, Orion Bauer comes to her and tells her he would pay her to say she was drugged and raped by Shakir, she also keeps the underwear she was wearing, which had a semen stain on them, and the dress she was wearing for evidence. When Orion tells the detectives about Tiana, they go to meet her and she tells them she was raped and claims that she did't come forward because she was afraid for her job.

When she is called to testify in court Barba and Rollins help her prep for what she would say on the stand. During practice Tiana gets annoyed and reveals that she was actually paid by Bauer to say she was raped by Shakir. She also tells Rollins and Barba that Carla and Macie were also paid by Bauer to say Shakir raped them and that she would remember what to say and even offer Barba sexual favors as long as she got paid a fair amount. When this is revealed, the charges against Shakir are eventually dropped, but Tiana is never charged for making false accusations.

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