Tom Guiry
Date of birth
12 October 1981
Place of birth
Trenton, New Jersey
IMDb profile

Tom Guiry is an actor who played four different characters in Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

His most notable appearances were in The Sandlot, Mystic River, The Mudge Boy, and The Four Diamonds. Guiry played Jimmy Donnelly on the NBC drama The Black Donnellys. He originally auditioned for the part of Tommy Donnelly.


Kevin Stanton
Nikolai Rosovitch
Marcus Randolph
Ryan Emerson
Kevin Stanton Gavin Sipes / Nikolai Rosovitch Marcus Randolph Ryan Emerson
L&O: "Bait" SVU: "Disappearing Acts" CI: "The Good" L&O: "Misbegotten"

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