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Tomas Jaruszalski
Det tj
Name Tomas Jaruszalski
Title Detective
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Division Robbery/Homicide
Occupation Police officer
Status Alive
Actor Corey Stoll
First Appearance Hollywood

Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski is a Detective.


Often called "TJ", Jaruszalski is a mid-30s Hollywood native, TJ possesses a cynical view of the entertainment industry. He's a younger guy who thinks that being a cop is probably the most fun that someone can legally have. His attitude is you get to match wits with the bad guys and go places that nobody ever sees. He hasn't yet been beat up by the job like his partner. Much of Jaruszalski's dialogue consists of sarcastic, pun-heavy observations delivered at dramatically opportune moments. Jaruszalski has knowledge about narcotics after spending three years in Vice along with having a childhood close to drugs. It's hinted in "Playa Vista" that Jaruszalski often goes to nightclubs during his off time.

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