Tony Goldwyn
Frank Goren
Frank Goren
Date of birth
20 May 1960
Place of birth
Los Angeles, California
IMDb profile

Tony Goldwyn is an actor and director who is known for playing Detective Robert Goren's brother, Frank Goren, in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He appeared in the episodes "Brother's Keeper", "Endgame", "Untethered", and "Frame". Goldwyn also directed the Law & Order season sixteen episode "Thinking Makes It So".

Goldwyn's best remembered role is most likely that of Carl, friend of Patrick Swayze's character Sam Wheat in Ghost. He is also well known for his turn on the comedy series, Designing Women in which he played a young interior designer named Kendall Dobbs who was HIV positive, and asked the women of Sugarbakers to design his funeral. In the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon, Goldwyn played astronaut Neil Armstrong, commander of Apollo 11.

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