Tony Rosatti
Tony Rosatti
Name Tony Rosatti
Occupation Businessman
Status Deceased
Actor Lou Bonacki
First Appearance Hitman

Tony Rosatti was a resident of New York City who owned his own construction business.

He most recent wife was Sherri Rosatti. A prenuptial agreement was in force, which provided for alimony on a sliding scale based on years of marriage. It also had a clause stating that she would get nothing in a divorce if she was found to be cheating, which would end up being the case. He was preparing to divorce her upon learning this, at least publicly.

Rosatti instead arranged to have himself killed and attempted to frame his wife and her lover Randy Porter for the crime as an act of revenge against them. He also claimed through a videotape played after his death that he would likely be at peace for the first time in his life. The person who likely assisted Rosatti in his suicide was never discovered. (L&O: Hitman)

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