"Townhouse Incident"
SVU, Episode 17.11
Production number: 17011
First aired: 13 January 2016
  th of 366 produced in SVU  
th of 366 released in SVU
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Written By
Brianna Yellen

Directed By
Nick Gomez


Benson is taken hostage when she tries to stop a violent home invasion.


When picking up her client's child, Lucy suspects something is going on when she's dismissed at the door. Concerned, she informs Benson, who investigates. However, upon arrival, she is soon taken hostage by Roxie and Joe.


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  • The rapist arrested in the beginning of the episode is the same one police attempted to locate in "Community Policing".


Joe (to Olivia): Is there anyone at the NYPD who cares if you live or if you die?
Roxy: Joe does Joe and I do me, so why don't you sit down?
Olivia: You can save yourself.
Roxy: I've already been saved by Joe.
Joe (about Olivia): Look at her. She's a cop. Everything she says is a lie. Everything she says is a trap.
Lt. Tucker (to Joe): As an act of good faith, how about you release the children?
Joe: How about I don't shoot them right now? There's your act of good faith.

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Residence of
Stacey and Glen King
467 West 24th Street
Monday, January 4

Commerce Bank of
825 9th Avenue
Monday, January 4

Previous episode:
"Catfishing Teacher"
"Townhouse Incident"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 17
Next episode:
"A Misunderstanding"
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