Travis Holmes
Name Travis Holmes
Affiliation Tau Omega Fraternity
Occupation Student
Pathology Serial rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Lenny Platt
First Appearance "Girl Dishonored"

Travis Holmes is a member of Tau Omega Fraternity at TSU and a serial rapist.


At an unknown point, he started attending TSU and and joined the Tau Omega Fraternity. During his time there, he started raping drunk girls on campus and took advantage of the university's unofficial policy of burying rape complaints to cover it up. He would occasionally invite others to join him to gang-rape them.

When he and his fraternity brothers gang-raped a girl named Lindsay Bennett, unlike the other times, she went to the hospital and the hospital called SVU. Travis speaks with Detective Amaro and claims that the sex with Lindsay was consensual. To discredit her, he showed Amaro a picture of Lindsay topless. Eventually, SVU digs up the buried rape complaints and truies to build a case against them with the school stonewalling them. When Lindsay committed suicide, Travis and his buddies posted a video bragging that "They raped her dead". This online confession allowed SVU to arrest all the rapists, a campus cop, and the principal who helped them cover up the rapes. (SVU: Girl Dishonored)

Known VictimsEdit

  • Six unnamed girls (all raped)
  • Three unnamed girls (all gang-raped with Wesley Grimes and Carter Pressman)
  • Alyson (raped with Joe Dawson)
  • Renee Clark (gang-raped with Wesley Grimes and Carter Pressman)
  • Lindsay Bennett (gang-raped with Wesley Grimes and Carter Pressman)

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